Recently I was contacted by an Asian musician who informed me about his new album and video clip inwhich there’s a photo of Barry Gibb.
I of course became curious to know why this artist had used Barry in his clip and so I mailed him to ask some questions concerning his work and the video clip he’d made.
Today I’d like to introduce you to this artist: Mahmood Khan who’s also madley in love with specially Barry’s work.
He’s just finished his new album: “Enuff Misfortune” accompanied by a special clip made after the recent attacks in America and I’d like to share his thoughts and this clip with you .

” my story with Barry started when I was a little child in Pakistan and saw the Bee Gees performing on tv…that was Music For Unicef..
Life has never been the same since.
I moved to the USA back in ’85 to persue my dream of music and worked in LA as a sound engineer for about 12 yrs..

I’m a singer/songwriter, recording engineer and multi instrumentalist.
About 3 yrs ago life took a turn and I ended back in Pakistan…
I travelled to India and recorded music and went to the United Arab Emirates for more recordings
.My family situation wouldn’t allow me to move back to LA so I stayed here and worked and worked..
This upcoming album is my 5th solo album.
The song “Enuff Misfortune” was inspired by the events of 9-11.
I just had to give something back because the USA gave me so much learning and understanding. Dick Ashby knows about me and his kindness will stay with me throughout my life.
Mahmood Khan

I truly miss him but only wanted to get back in touch after achieving something in life.
I met the Bee Gees several times in LA and saw a number of their shows and went to Miami where Dick let me explore Middle Ear back in 1994.

it was a dream come true for me.
I have extensive research in sound engineering Karl being my idol plus Humberto Gatica.
I even worked at Lion Share studios as an engineer only so I could be at a place where perfectionists had been.
Barry’s work and what he has given to his followers is a story in its own right
A story of generosity, courage, persistance and divine hard work.
His voice is like a hundred angels and his song writing pure spirituality….
The personalties in the video are people who inspired me making me who I am.
Barry’s contribution to music is utterly outstanding. as a songwriter and musician I think he is the best thing that ever happend to music.
His consistent work amidst so many problems is truly inspiring.
He is my hero.
Hats off to him, without him there would be no Mahmood and no music and no video.
He is the source.

Bye” Mahmood Khan.