Photos and Sound Fragments

Honoring Barry, Robin and Maurice, May 12th and May 27th.

May 12th – 2004.
Barry and Robin came back to Manchester to receive a Degree In Music from the University of Manchester. 


They also received one for their brother Maurice. The three brothers became “Doctors In Music”

Later that same day Barry and Robin were present at the opening of a new studio in Chorlton – Manchester. This studio is named after Maurice and from now on will be called:
“The Maurice Gibb Recording Studio”.
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May 27th – 2004
Barry and Robin visited The Palace in London together with Maurice’s son Adam to receive their CBE from Prince Charles. Adam, looked close to tears after collecting his father’s CBE


He said Charles spoke to him about the passing of his father. “He said he hoped this was a little something to remember him by. My mother was supposed to do it but she wouldn’t have been able to.” Maurice’s widow Yvonne broke down in tears when asked about the ceremony, saying: “It’s very emotional. I was very proud of my son.” Barry: “Knowing Mo, this would have been right up his alley. He would have still had his hat on,” a reference to the artist’s beloved black trilby.
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