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Song For Maurice: BG fan Mahmood Khan wrote and produced this song with Mo in mind.
Mahmood: ‘I feel so inspired that I can carry the same spirit, passion and musicianship that Maurice would have enjoyed. I’m blessed to have known him in my lifetime and as time goes by the specialness of the moments I spent with him become so much more precious. The sound of the Bee Gees will always live in the hearts of the musicians they inspired and I’ts really important that it lives on.’
Song title: Am Trying (written and produced by Mahmood Khan)
sung by: Tamasin Howard
video clip:

Song words:

Now am tryin to find a heaven in my heart n
Make it forever am tryin to build my city in my world
make it live forever am tryin to seek an angel
one who leads me to my destination
am tryin makin a bridge so trouble water be at a distance
another name a different face
it doesn’t matter its all the same
a lonely try deserves another it doesn’t matter who is the winner
am tryin to find a world where one hand washes the other
am tryin I can be a virtue I’m the blessin I am the maker
am tryin to make my city where all around us perfect matter
another name a different face it doesn’t matter its all the same
so now u try be a healer to the people of your own nature
now u try livin in forever be a heart of some lonely creature
livin in a world that surrounds everyone is breathin the same
there is always strength in the feelin of hope to help u again
now am tryin livin for a reason where darkness is I will never be
so u try u must go the distance u go and keep on goin
be the healer light will always live another name a different face
it doesn’t matter it’s all the same
livin in a place will remind u were there long ago
and there are always signs in the battle of love to safely bring u back home