Photos and sound Fragments

Maurice In Loving Memory, © Frederic Renucci
Maurice Gibb, Ten Years After
It’s been ten years ago since we had to say goodbye
We miss your friendly smile but you’re always on our minds.
Ten years have gone by,
a moment for a special remembrance
with the images and music of you
which we keep in our hearts forever.
10 clips for the 10 years we’ve to miss you already:

– Maurice Gibb – “The Loner” (acetate version 1970)
from unreleased solo album “The Loner” 1970.
(you tube, by: honeybabe2007)

– Tribute To Maurice Gibb (60th Birthday)
(you tube, by: Detlef Wange)

– My Tribute To Maurice Gibb- Adam’s Dream
(you tube, by gabibarsk)
The song is called “Adam’s Dream” by Maurice Gibb

– Lost in your love for Maurice Gibb, Dec 1949 to Jan 2003
(you tube, by: blondiebabs)
Tribute to our dearest Maurice with Barry singing “Lost In Your Love”

– Maurice Gibb – Leave Me Here To Linger With The Ladies
(you tube, by: honeybabe 2007)
from the London stage musical “Sing A Rude Song” 1970.
Written by Caryl Brahms and Ned Sherrin. Produced and arrangements by Maurice Gibb.

– Maurice Gibb – “Hold Her In Your Hand”
(you tube, by: The RightOfcentre)

– Maurice Gibb, “Man In The Middle”
(you tube, by: DeniseWva7)

– Maurice Gibb – “Give Me A Glass Of Wine” – Rare Unreleased Song 1970
(you tube, by: israelifan)
Maurice Gibb, Billy Lawrie (1970)

– Maurice Gibb – Danny 1970 – “A Touch Apart” 1984
(you tube, by: israelifan)
Unreleased Albums The Loner (1970) & A Breed Apart (1984)

-Bee Gees, Maurice Gibb Last Great Performance April 27, 2001
(you tube, by: MotiGibb)

Marion / GSI January 12th. 2013