In memory of my friend noboday was like mo

Hi Marion,
I made this “digital art” picture with Mo & Andy in it for the “In Loving Memory” page on your G.S.I. website.
This is my way of remembering.

It was also Father’s day weekend in June 2001 when being in LA for Wango Tango.
We went to see Andy’s grave and there was a huge amount of people at the cemetery that day. Maurice put his little gold rat pin on his brother’s grave. Look next to the blue ribbon on the left vase.

The dressing rooms provided at the Wango Tango concert were so tiny, it was hilarious!
It was like tiny containers with the artists name on each little doors with a wood bench inside and a big mirror. I don’t think the brothers would have been very comfortable crammed in there so we found a big tour bus for rent on the fly. The only problem is that we couldn’t park it backstage but in the public area so I am at work in front of it with big line of fans trying to get a pick of the brothers. Tushenka (my wife) came to give me a little hug but I have my serious face on!

Me with Mo and Derek, head of security for The Brothers, at the Wango Tango stage.

What a concert !!