Photos and Sound Fragments

An Audience With

May 18 2002 Maurice was one of the guest at Lulu`s show: “An Audience With” They both sang The Bee Gees song “First Of May” and needless to say it was very special.
Listen to  “First Of May”  4.4 Mb Mp3

In Australia is a single CD released called: “To Love Somebody – a tribute to Maurice Gibb”. The artists who are singing it are: Marcia Hines, Brian Cadd, Max Merritt and Doug Parkinson. Marcia Hines came to Australia from the US when she was 16 years old to appear in our original “Hair” cast and stayed. These four people are very well known in Australia and all are from the era of the good old rock and roll days.

This is the sound fragment of:  To Love Somebody  1.5 Mb Mp3

Special thanks to Melody and Steven Clark

left: Maurice playing paint ball, his favorite hobby. © T.L. Bridge
right: Just a photo fan Linda Keane wishes to share with all of us, to remember Maurice. He’s going here to rehearsals for a TV show in England.  © Linda Keane