Photos and Sound Fragments

In memory of my friend nobody was like mo

July 2006
Frederic, one of Maurice’s closest friends recently contacted GSI and sent a number of lovely photos of Mo to share with all the BG fans and visitors of GSI.

“Your website is really nice and I guess that’s why I fell like sending you these pictures. We spent his last years together with lunches everyday, meetings every nights, paintball practices & tournaments and he was the happiest man in the world. I am still devastated with his departure and I’ll always have that big hole in my heart.

I met Maurice when he first came to the AA club named ‘The Little River Club’ in Miami back in 1991 and we just helped each other to stay sober. I always felt the need to protect him like a little brother.

I built Mo’s Paintball shop up from the ground until it was sold after his death.

Nobody was like Mo, he was just amazing”.
Frederic Renucci