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Manx flag for Maurice Gibb
Tue 14th Jan 2003

A remarkable series of events has secured a Manx flag to drape the coffin of Maurice Gibb at his funeral in Miami on Wednesday.

The Bee Gees did have a flag in their Miami studio but it was a little worse for wear, and they wanted a new one in time for the funeral.

But the problem was time and flight connections, and with just 36 hours to go, it was looking impossible.

Bernie Quayle

The Bee Gees personal manager telephoned Bernie Quayle’s wife at 11 o’clock last night with an urgent request for a Manx flag.

The message was passed to Bernie, who was broadcasting a special tribute programme to Maurice at the time, and he made an appeal over the air for anyone in Florida that may have a Manx flag.

Alan Cotterill of DMS in Douglas, called in with the number of his cousin Tony Brown, in Florida, saying Tony had a brand new flag.

Former Manx resident Tony was able to arrange for a courier to deliver the flag, and was very moved when the Gibb family offered to replace the flag so that they could retain his following the funeral.