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A New Angel Up In Heaven

Tribute by Colton

Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2003 5:11 AM
Subject: Re: Paying My Respect to Commander Mo

My association with the Bee Gees goes way back when I was 13,I tagged along when my family brought me to see S.W.A L.K. or now they have change the name to Melody
It was way back then those Fever days, that the brothers came into my life with numbers like
‘In The Morning’ ‘Melody Fair’ I like that show especially the music but the music was in fact not written specifically for that movie but was partly taken from their Album ‘Odessa’ not very high profile at that time
I was impress with their harmony and in no time at all I sang one of their songs ‘In The Morning’ in a Inter-School Singing Contest and won first prize
It was the Bee Gees who gave me a chance to come out of my shyness and got the attentions of the ladies way back then, It was also partly their songs that got me keen on learning musical instruments like the guitar and the flute
They were major musical influence in my life, which also includes Bread, Helen Reddy, The Carpenters, John Denver, Stylistics way back in the 70s
They are part of the musical soundtracks of my life
Actually I met Maurice in Miami by chance, I was dining in one of the cafe with some friends and he was sitting at the back of the cafe near the restroom
I gather my courage and ask him if he is Maurice Gibb,I was expecting some body guards of his to shove me, to my delight he gave a warm squeeze on my hand and ask me to join him at his table together with my friends, I was about to pick up some crumbled paper for his autograph cos meeting him like this was such a huge surprise to me
He took off his jacket and boy !!!did my jaws dropped, he autograph it and gave to whole jacket to me
I was moved to tears, I was immensly touched and then he started talking about paintballing I was a starry-eyed kid looking at him and I really extended my holidays in Miami just to have a game of paintball with him and his rats cos thats the name he called them
We were thoroughly WHIPPED!! with all the spray dye all over our faces, we enjoyed every minute of it
I love the sound of his chuckle whenever I was sprayed all over him
I will miss him Marion, I will miss him very very much
I will be landing in Miami again very soo
n But not with happiness but a heavy heart
I will not rest till I got all the facts that lead to his death
My major major question is
If he was warded on Thurs, why was there no info of the impending heart attack coming?
How could a extremely weak person who have just suffered a heart attack be allowed to go thru such a major major operation?
Why won’t he allowed to stabilised maybe for a week
Is the operation absolutely neccessary?
Did the operation hasten his death rather than saving him which was intended to
I am still not satisfied with the autopsy report
I mean I know people die everyday but at least there is reasons behind it to prevent it from occuring again
There are thousands maybe million people with Mo’s Condition if we know the real reasons we could have prevent others from dying needlessly

Colton 🙂

This song best sums up Mo

Give Your Best
(Odessa Album)
Words and Music by Barry Robin and Maurice Gibb

I’m just a clown, who used to run around
I used to have a million friends
I used to start where everybody ends
but I just give my best to my friends

I’ve done my show, everybody knows
I nearly sold all my cloths
one man can give the other have to live so I
just give my best to my friend

And when you think that the world that you live in isn’t right and the days they just seems to be like nights
you have your peace now its time for you to fight
Just give your best to your friends

Repeat verse 1 and fade