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Biography Maurice Gibb

Maurice Ernest Gibb was born December 22nd. 1949 at the Jane Crookall Maternity Home, Douglas, Isle Of Man at 3.50 A.M.
He was the second born of the twins, His twin brother Robin arrived 35 minutes earlier.
He grew up on The Isle Of Man, Manchester and Australia and played and sang together with his brothers Barry and Robin since he was 6.
Later on he’d become with Barry and Robin the famous Bee Gees.
He married Yvonne Spenceley October 17 – 1975 (second marriage) and they got two kids:
Born February 23 – 1976


Born July 2 – 1980.

He died Sunday morning January 12 – 2003 at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach, Florida, USA and a funeral service was held for him January 15.

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